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How does it work?

Simply record your episode and upload. Publish it to popular platforms like Google, Apple and Spotify.

Record your episode

Podcasts help you get your ideas out to the world. No other medium offers such an intimate experience.

Upload on Platocast

Using a platform have never been this easy. Our simple, powerful platform enables you at every step.

Let millions listen

Reach the right audience, deepen the loyalty with your ideas. Our tools are here to help.

Podcaster Features

Publish with ease

Our Intuitive, simple yet powerful publishing workflow lets you spend more energy creating great audio. We allow varying kinds of audio and video formats to simplify cross sharing your video content as podcasts.

Embed on your blog

Platocast allows you embed your podcast in varying styles and formats. This empowers you to provide a greater engaging content in your website or blog. Embed multiple episodes in one player for your home page or include specific episodes individually in your blog articles.

Distribute anywhere

Get your podcast listed in all of the top podcast directories and reach millions of potential listeners via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts.

Publishers & Media Houses

We give you the most end to end intuitive and smartest tools to publish, monetize, and measure your podcast business.

High availability

Our storage and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are built to scale and provide a reliable service without outages or downtime. We engineered the edge locations to meet the growing downloads.

Access our expertise

Access a team of sound engineers, operational support staff to scale your podcast business at a cheaper cost. Live chat with our customer support teams anytime to meet your demands.


We bring the best in industry metrics to measure who’s already listening and find new listeners. We bring insights than you can action on to improve audience engagement and listening habits.


From showing open avails for host-read spots to impression-based sales to selling products, to behind the paywall content, we have created various revenue streams.

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