Created for Indian podcasters. By Indians.

We aim to be the India's best podcasting platform. We are committed to help individual podcasters, publishers and advertisers make the most out of podcasting. We also write on various important topics and news that are ignored by main stream media.

Platocast studio

Platocast is committed to bringing podcasters, publishers, brands and advertisers together on one platform.

We create technology solutions and offer podcast production and hosting services to support podcaster and media community. We created the platform with one combined goal:

  • Enable content creators (podcasters) to purse their passion to a full extent,
  • Let the traditional media houses leverage the power of podcasts as a new revenue segment,
  • Make brands reach the potential customers with an intimate medium (podcasts) and realize greater conversion and return, 
  • Provide advertisers a new intuitive and transparent platform to reach a new segment of ambassadors (podcasters) and further connect with thousands of unique audience segments.

We are a small and ambitious startup (bootstrapped) currently working in beta mode and we are based in Mumbai, India. We welcome any one to reach us out (including investors) at contentatplatocastdotcom. We read all our emails. 

Our Values

Put customers first

Whether it be a rookie podcaster, or an advertiser or an established media house, we put them first and treat them with equal respect.

Do the right thing

We always ask ourselves: "is this the right thing to do". We encourage and partner with people who bring the ownership mindset.

Fail Fast. Far inbetwwen.

We believe its okay to fail. But we don't allow ourselves to fail after three months. We insist on making a note of learnings from failed attempts.

Do More. With Less.

Doing more does not mean spending more. We always want to do more with as few resourses as possible. We take up every release as a bootstraped start up.

Contact Us

Whether you got a question or have some feedback or partner with us? do not hesitate to write to us. We read all correspondence.