Best Audio Formats for Podcasting


A podcast can be stored on a device with a description known as metadata. There are different file formats available to provide support for a good sharing and listening experience. The best audio file formats for podcasts help you tune in to a great podcast anywhere you go.

Often, finding the right media player to listen to podcasts requires paying some attention to the format of the file. It is quite common to come across audio formats like .mp3, .wav, .aac and file extensions unique to built-in players on laptops, and other devices. The best audio formats for podcasting fulfil all your podcasting needs.

Everybody’s Best Friend – The .mp3 file format

The .mp3 file has been around for a while now. You might have come across an .mp3 while sharing music and video files in the early years of the internet revolution. In any case, “MP3 is by far the most widely accepted audio format that can be played on pretty much anything.”, according to There are other formats that give good quality sound. But the .mp3 is the most popular format for listening and sharing podcasts.

Information about the podcast – say for instance “episode title, number, description and other information…” is the metadata stored in your .mp3 file. This format is widely used and is popular amongst podcasters. However, there are several other ways to store and create audio files for podcasts today.

Can the .aac/.m4a File Format Capture Hearts?

“Designed to replace MP3 as the major audio format, AAC…has an overall smaller file size and better audio quality…AAC is the actual audio encoding scheme.., while M4A is just the file extension….”, explains

.aac files can be found on iTunes while .m4a plays on several Android devices and iPhones. The size and quality make .aac/.m4a files the next best audio format to use for podcasts. There is a wide gap between the reach of the .mp3 audio file and this savvy audio format’s consumer base. You might even find this format more comfortable to use on Apple devices.

While the .aac/m4a is in fray for popular demand, there is yet another audio format is compatible with podcasts.

Lossless Audio Content – FLAC

FLAC, or a Free Lossless Audio Codec file is heavier than an .mp3 file. But there is no loss during file processing, as well as compressing the file size. What is more, the files are available at the same price as .mp3 files.

This is “a far better way to compress audio to a small file size, whilst keeping the overall audio quality.” However, the market has to catch up with consumer interest in FLAC as the file format is still not “…supported by a lot of mobile devices and online at the moment.”

This succinct review should be good to get you on with podcasting as soon as you are ready with your headphones. Listen to a podcast, or follow the latest podcast trend by finding the best audio format for your needs. Create a podcast and upload your files in the best quality format for your listeners!

Best Audio Formats…

The best audio formats for podcasting are .mp3, .m4a and FLAC, the last one promising a great listening experience. The .wav file is also known for excellent sound quality, and is used as a standard in audio processing.

The .wma is quite popular too, but an .mp3 file is likely to be found on the average hard disk or player. The .m4a file format has caught up rapidly with the podcast trend and FLAC is already generating curiosity and interest as a future contender. Simply choose your format and podcast away!

Tip: Don’t forget to look into .wav files and .wma to make sure you know which audio file formats are around today.