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Audio content across the globe has found its latest avatar in podcasts. Podcasts are a new medium that employ digital marketing techniques in an innovative way to engage audiences, inform and entertain them. There are quite a few ways in which we can understand how podcasts help listeners engage with their content. 

How a Podcast Employs Call to Action to Build Audiences

One of the primary ways in which a podcast is similar to other new media is in its employment of tactics such as ‘Call to Action’ to engage users. 

“Does each of your episodes end with, or at least include, a call to action? Many people feel that they have to say the time-honoured invocation, ‘subscribe, rate and review.’” It’s said so often in so many podcasts that it can lose meaning…Be inventive with your CTA…the call to action invites the listener to decode it. This way, the call to action sticks in their memory”, says 

The CTA motivates the listener to engage further with your podcast. It also helps you guide the listener towards your goals. A short and crisp CTA can solve the purpose of your broadcast to the targeted audience.

Pick Your Favourite Theme: How Podcasts Help Listeners Engage.

While picking a theme or subject matter, a podcaster chooses something of interest to himself/herself. This helps the podcaster connect with an audience and generate further audio content. Our goal is to understand how podcasts help listeners engage with the content. 

Dennis writes at, “This may sound obvious but choosing a topic you like talking about is the cornerstone of podcasting. It not only helps you produce engaging content but it also is a key factor in consistently creating new episodes for your audience to enjoy”. 

Podcasting is an experiment when it comes to engaging audiences. A podcaster cannot be certain whether listeners would engage with the podcast. This could be even after a number of trials and repeated attempts. To inform engagement, the podcaster takes an objective view of the situation and works accordingly. He/she draws inferences from the podcast experiments. 

“If you’re struggling to engage an audience, take a step back and review your podcast’s theme. It’s better to start a new podcast based on a topic you like than commit to something that bores you”, according to Dennis. 

Developing Storytelling into an Art: How Podcasts Help Listeners Engage

Perhaps the most interesting way to engage audiences is through storytelling. Whether it be children’s stories, fiction for adults or even stories about branded goods, audiences are curious about the content of your podcast if your format is a story. 

Leo Widrich writes at, “Stories are powerful ways to connect with your audience. They create neurological responses in our brains that help us focus and empathise with the storyteller. Researchers at Stanford learned that people are also able to remember stories better than other kinds of information”.

Giving selflessly in terms of output is a great way of ensuring a successful podcast. This is one of the most effective ways of engagement today. Platforms such as LinkedIn, designed to add value to one’s network, function on this principle. Podcasts are naturally conducive to creating value. Using a podcast platform well ensures smooth communication, good engagement and brings back positivity to the podcaster. 

Give Value to Your Audience: How Podcasts Help Generate Interest.

Shayla Price writes, “You’re not just a podcaster. You’re a content creator. In order to grow your audience, focus on delivering value and involving your subscribers in the podcast”.

Engaging an audience can be a time consuming activity. But, in the end, what you gain from a podcast outdoes the investment you make in building an audience for yourself and your passion. It matters what your goals are for podcasting, but what is more important is perhaps what you learnt from your experiments and how you built an audience to increase engagement with your podcast.