How To Find An Audience For Your Brand New Podcast?

Podcast Promotion
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Want to make your podcast but don’t know how to get people to listen to it? Here is why you don’t need to hesitate to create your own podcast anymore! If you have been wondering about marketing and engagement for your new podcast, you have come to the right place. We will try and find answers to the question: “How to find an audience for your brand new podcast” in order to help you start ASAP.

Promoting a Brand New Podcast

Once you know what you want to share with your listeners, it is important to start thinking about how to promote the content. Firstly, have a target audience in mind when you are about to create a podcast. According to, “…you have to have an audience who wants and needs the content you’re creating for your show.”. Your podcast has a value that is unique, and you should promote it to reach the people that would actually like to listen to you. If your topic is specific, it will help in engaging an interested and, in time, a regular audience.

Secondly, do lots of research on your prospective audience before launching the podcast. You can easily take the help of analytics available on many podcast streaming and downloading platforms that can help you gain subscribers. Run a pre-launch episode, also known as Episode Zero, to gauge your audience reaction and get feedback for the rest of the podcast.

Thirdly, create additional content for marketing your podcast – write blogs, upload photos and videos to enhance and promote the idea you want to share. Kevan Lee of says, “We’re so lucky to have the amazing social networks that we do. There’s just so much creativity and fun to be had with promoting a podcast on social media”. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even mobile applications like Whatsapp to reach out to your audience. Develop a social media strategy to expand your network. Join podcast communities, post updates of your shows, upload teasers and engage with people who seem excited to listen to the podcast.

Participate as much in the podcast community to discuss your upcoming shows. Ask seasoned podcasters how to build your audience, and share your ideas with everyone to get feedback. This will help you build an audience faster for the podcast.

Also, making a trailer for your podcast, and showcasing what is coming works just like movie trailers. Your viewers know what’s coming and will get ready for the launch if you can pique their interest. Start building insights from the launch of the trailer itself to begin tracking user behaviour for the podcast.

Finding Support for Your Brand New Podcast

A new podcast has to settle down well on a podcast platform like iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many others that can support your new podcast. They provide services and give access to an existing listenership that can boost your podcast engagement tremendously in very less time. Nieman Lab claims “70 percent of podcast listening happens through iTunes or the native iOS Podcasts app.”

If you have guests on your podcast, give them additional content such as images and trailers to share with their audiences for your episode. Always try and build an audience for an episode, even before you release a trailer, if possible. It is good to launch multiple episodes together to make your podcast visible. You could launch at least 3 episodes to attract listeners and subscribers to the podcast.

Preparing to Launch Your Brand New Podcast

Converting the podcast in video format can also help build the initial audience if you want to upload it to platforms such as Youtube. You can even get audio transcriptions done for the episodes. Share the text on various websites to maximise your outreach.

Keep an eye on the reviews and comments you get for the first few episodes. Ideally, garner as much reviews and ratings in the first two weeks to boost the visibility of your content.

Have extra promotional content like free giveaways and discounts on the show your are launching. Mention podcasts that you like in the episodes and get some brands to mention you as well.

Always look for opportunities to be invited on other podcast shows as a guest. Hanging around the podcast community will keep you updated, informed and going with your episodes. Don’t forget to share tips on how you find an audience for your brand new podcast.

Happy podcasting!




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