How to Set Up Multiple Mics for Recording a Podcast


Podcasts can be shared as monologues, conversations, or scripted dialogues between one or more people with online audiences. Podcasting is an affordable and flexible way of reaching out to people with your ideas. The format creates a wide platform for the podcaster to plan a series, or a show. A single-person recording may fair easier on the podcaster than where you need multiple microphones to record several speakers at once. Here, we will discuss how to set up multiple mics for recording a podcast.

The following are two basic set-ups to get the best recording for your podcast. The first one is a two person set-up. It may sound familiar as it shares similarities with recording techniques at radio stations. You may see the second one at a panel discussion with several people. You could also refer to this kind of mic placement as a curve set-up.

Two Person Mic Set-Up

Radio shows have long had a tradition of inviting guest speakers to a radio station. If you tune in to your favourite radio jockey, you might them hear have a conversation with the guest. Sometimes, the jockey also takes questions for the guest from an audience that is listened in to the show.

This kind of a set-up usually has the host and the guest sitting at a table, sometimes almost at right angles with each other. The microphones are placed on the table in this set-up. A pair of headphones accompanies the set-up.

This is one of the best ways to do a recording, especially if you are looking to do interviews, talk shows, discussions or dialogues with speakers. Of course, you might need some other equipment like an audio interface, mixers, cables and softwares to record, edit and upload your podcast. Since the format is flexible, you can choose between a recorded audio file and live-streaming a podcast.

According to, “It’s been said that as much as 93 percent of our communications is nonverbal. Even if you are doing an audio podcast, you want to be able to see each other during the conversation. Configure your studio to make sure everyone can see everyone else in order to have eye contact, see silent signals to pick up the pace or slow down, and let the director know all have something to say. Being able to read each other’s nonverbal cues is made easier when sightlines are clear and unobstructed — well, most of the time.”

Multiple People Mic Set-Ups

Three or more people can be recorded by placing mics on a table in front of each speaker.  You can do the recording placing the mics in in a curve with stands for stability. The speakers could be sitting or standing, depending upon the kind of podcast. suggests, “If your podcast has multiple people involved, make absolutely sure that one host’s mic isn’t directly behind a different host’s mic. That way you can maintain isolated audio tracks for each host, and they aren’t bleeding into each other’s mics.”

You could try various seating arrangements around the table. You could also use mic stands to suit the climate of the podcast. Here too, a small studio is comfortable, although you might prefer a more professional space as there are several people involved. However, the podcast is a format adaptable to any kind of space.

So, record in your basement, or set up one temporarily in the kitchen where you can record a food podcast. Discuss the fresh aromas of steaming dumplings with your audience. Capture their hearts of with your Mom’s delicious recipes on your food podcast.

We hope you create exciting new podcasts with this basic guide on how to set up multiple mics for recording a podcast. Do drop in a line if you feel you want to talk about mics, podcasts, or anything else that you love.

Tip: Are you relatively new to podcasting? Live-streaming a podcast might need professional help if you are handling several guests at a time. Look up some professional audio services and studios that could support your project.




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