The Best MFI Certified Earphones Under $50

Apple Earphones-A Good Alternative
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MFI certified earphones are also known as apple lightning earphones, as the MFI certification is actually a process that qualifies producers’ earphones for three popular Apple products- the iPhone/iPad/iPod. The MFI certification is a strict process, according to Wikipedia. This makes the earphones safe to use and ensures quality listening. 

Some of the latest MFI earphones under $50 available today are not only affordable, they also offer high quality sound experiences. Below are some specifications and a general review of earphones if you are looking to buy/change your own soon! Choose your MFI certified earphones from the best MFI earphones under $50 for the ultimate listening adventure with your Apple device.   

PALOVUE Lightning MFI Certified Earbuds With Mic Controller/Metallic Black

The new generation Palovue Lightning Earbuds come with a Plug-and-Play feature that is flawlessly compatible with your Apple device. For $35, this magnetic designed audio accessory has a built in bass and a controller that can play music, adjust volume, take calls and activate Wake Up Siri exquisitely for you. It has a lightweight aluminium body to support your in-ear design and checks ambient noise flawlessly for smooth and pleasant listening. 

Pros & Cons                

MFI Certified Earbuds but need to position buds right for good bass experience

Earphones block external noise but are not recommended for accompanying brisk exercise

Good ergonomic design but magnets stick to other objects in the way

Currently out of stock

Buy Today: For an unsurpassed audio match to your Apple device with latest in-built technology to enhance your listening data and sophisticatedly isolate ambient noise at around $35 in India.   


AmazonBasics Earphones with Lightning Connector/Black

These MFI Certified earphones with lightning connector comes at around $20 on Amazon at discounted prices. It has a high-quality bass and has enhanced moisture protection to prevent liquid damage to your headset. AmazonBasics Earphones are compatible with all devices with iOS 10 or later, and these light-on-the-pocket earbuds come with a 1 year warranty. 

Pros & Cons

Good noise cancellation, though wires look flimsy

Lightweight earphones but customer reviews complain of fragility

Good price but bass is ok, no rubber cushions design for comfort

Currently out of stock

Buy Today: The mic and call quality is excellent at $20 and comes at a low price for good quality MFI certified earphones. The AmazonBasics are a bargain for some of the features they offer, just be cautious of how long they last once you buy them. Go for a warranty, if there is any (earphones currently unavailable). 

Belkin in-Ear Noise Isolation Earphone with Lightning Connector/White

Belkin in-Ear Noise Isolation Earphones With Lightning Connector has been crafted for superior sound experience and noise isolation. At around $20 offered at a discount on Amazon India, it is a steal for its innovative design and superior sound. It has a lightweight cable and is designed for Apple products without an audio port. It comes with a two year warranty and is one of the best earphones with lightning connector for your audio requirements. 

Pros & Cons

Tangle-free lightweight cable, earphones not good for gaming

Water-resistant but bass is high

Noise-cancellation but large-built earplug design

Buy Today: For a good sweat-proof and water-resistant run or workout with your Belkin earphones with Lightning Connector at $20, buy now! Comes with a 2 year warranty. 


Lexingham MFI Certified Lightning Adaptor + Earphones/White

These MFI Certified Lightning Adaptor and Earphones are designed for the most comfortable use at around $24 at a discounted price on Amazon India. The adaptor and earphones set can be used across Apple devices so that you don’t have to carry separate accessories for your laptop and other devices. It has a 2 year worldwide guarantee with a high power sound system and a remote control. 

Pros & Cons

High power sound system, infrequently bought online

Designed for maximum comfort to your ear but can be used across Apple devices which may hamper multipurpose use

Especially compatible with your music though caution may have to be maintained with Lightning Connector

Buy Today: At around $25 and a 2-year worldwide guarantee, plug-in your world of music for an experience of sound that you will keep coming back for every time you grab a pair of Lexingham MFI Certified Lightning Earphones! 

The best MFI Certified Earphones under $50 recommended here have better sound, improved design and a highly sought after listening experience at astonishing prices available on leading online marketplaces, buyable from the comfort of your home. 

Some are exclusive to certain Apple devices, and others enjoy cross-platform compatibility. The MFI Certification makes the listening experience secure and safe for the Apple owner. There are a number of wired earbuds today to accompany your gadgets, but having the right product after considering several variables makes for a wise, and durable decision. 

Choose from some of the best MFI certified earphones under $50 mentioned here, for the most amazing audio experiences that wireless sound is still trying to catch up with on Apple devices. These earphones promise to give you great sound, on a friendly budget, that is unmatched for earphones with lightning connectors being manufactured especially for Apple products.