Why Do People Love Podcasts?

Nupur Jain

To depict the recording of a podcast

The 3 BIG reasons


Podcasts “Inform, Educate & Entertain”

It is quite rare and astonishing to see one medium offer so many kinds of sounds and voices. It then becomes natural for people to adore podcasts. So when a technology offers a great variety of listening choices one is obviously excited. To top that, the podcast also packs a tight byte of information between 8-45 minutes-on an average. This makes it a technological wonder. 

According to Fresh Air Studios, “Due to the diverse nature of podcasts, you can find one or more that interest you and learn more while being entertained. For example, if you run a small business you can find podcasts that will offer affordable marketing ideas and advice. If you love Doctor Who, you can get the latest news and gossip from around the world, find out when and where stars will be appearing at fan events, hear interviews with the writers, actors and production team, and listen to fan conspiracy theory debates. Podcasts tackle topics in the kind of depth that you can’t get from a one-off TV programme, news story or magazine article”.

The creative and technological edge that this medium has to offer is astounding. The world of information exchange made available to us is abundant and full of possibilities. Just click a single button to get hooked to the latest podcast on the internet.

You will fall in love with podcasts just as avid followers have in recent times. The range offered by this medium is unprecedented. You will wonder how the entire world is encapsulated in the small head pieces plugged into your ears. That too, for sometimes as brief as 8 minutes of your time! 

“On-Demand”: Podcasts You Love to Hear

You wished for it? Its yours to hear! Lisa Hartwell of Fresh Air Studios writes, “One of the major benefits of podcasts is that you can listen to them whenever you want, at your convenience. You can save episodes up or listen to them the moment they’re released. If you have to stop a podcast halfway through, you can simply pick it up again where you left off or go back to the beginning and start again. If, for some reason, the topic of the podcast doesn’t interest you, you can skip one and move on to the next. Even mainstream radio doesn’t offer that level of convenience….”

You are in complete control of your audio data and info with the podcast. It is the best technology offered in the field of infotainment. No wonder people adore listening to podcasts. You don’t need to compare them with radio, TV, and other mediums. Hear one to believe one. 

And what do you have to do to experience a podcast? Just download your favourite podcast when you feel like listening to one. 

“The King of Early Podcasts”: A Loved Medium

So why do people love podcasts? Let us go back a little into the history of podcasts to find out. Podcasts began with Apple as an option in iTunes that could be downloaded onto your iTunes record sheet and player. You could plug into your system anytime, or transfer podcasts to your iPod to listen to a variety of things on the go. From an interview on a film script, to lessons in biology, everything was available on iTunes about a decade ago. 

Today, podcasts have made a return to the market and are no longer dwindling in the audio sector enterprise. The return could be a boon for mobile information sharing and consumption, as the medium promises to proliferate into shows, news programmes, entertainment series, to name a few kinds of podcasts already on air. The possibilities in audio sharing are limitless and exciting as of now.